First Steps - Into the Shadow
Meet your inner Sovereign, Lover, Magician and Warrior

5th April 2020

Join me on an experiential journey into the parts of yourself that you know very well, and the parts that lurk in the dark places, those parts that we try to keep hidden but that somehow end up running the show when we least expect it.


As we emerge from winter there is no better time to get clarity on how we wish to spend our energy in the outside world, and take a look at what holds us back from letting our light shine.


“To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. Once one has experienced a few times what it is like to stand judgingly between the opposites, one begins to understand what is meant by the self. Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle.” – Carl Jung


We will explore the shadow, the parts of ourselves we have buried deep, the parts longing to be brought back into the light, and the 4 archetypes; Soverign, Lover, Magician and Warrior. We will delve into the work of Carl Jung and you will have the opportunity to explore how these parts of yourself show up in different situations in your life. Spending time getting to know these parts of yourself can have a life changing effect on your behaviour and how you navigate the world.


You will be invited to share your experiences with the whole group, as well as in smaller groups. All of which is optional, there is no expectation of you to share. One of the most life changing things I learned by exploring Carl Jung's archetypes was a sense that I wasn't alone in my experiences of the world and of my inner landscape and I found sharing my experiences powerfully healing which is why I am passionate about creating a warm place for people to share theirs.


Facing my shadow self, looking in those dark places was the first step towards healing old wounds as I embarked on a deep dive, guided by qualified Shadow Work® facilitators. If you've ever considered going for a Shadow Work® session but aren't sure, this workshop may be a good first step. And if you've never heard of Shadow Work® and yet you are here, then welcome!


Im going to try a new pricing structure! And that is that the workshop will be based on donations. I usually charge £20 per person so please bare that in mind when you make your choice. You can pay in advance via eventbrite, or you can email me at to book a place and then choose at the end. There will be an anonymous drop box at the end of the workshop. The downside to this method is not knowing how many people to expect, so I ask you to really check in about your commitment to coming.

The Next Step - Clear Communication


If you're tired of your mind running with whirling thoughts of what you want to say, wish you'd said or all the ways you could say the same thing, keeping you awake at night or distracted from your life's work, this workshop may just help you to cut the crap and get to the heart of your message. Even if it's simply for your own peace of mind, or if it's in order to communicate more clearly with someone important in your life, join me for an immersive workshop exploring healthy communication. 

We'll work on getting our messages clear, wading through the layers of "should'', "who do you think you are?", "be careful" and what ever else comes up when you have something burning to say. We'll explore a model for becoming impeccable with your words in order to speak cleanly and effectively. 

Indulge in a couple of hours of being totally honest with yourself and others in a uniquely confidential, safe space and practice listening and being truly heard. Also, there'll be tea! 

Places are £10 and booking in advance is essential. Limited to 6 places.

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