Shadow Work in Lockdown

During this time of uncertainty I have no doubt our shadows, personal and collective, will be brought to the foreground in a way they haven't been before in our lifetimes. Suddenly we face ourselves in a new way. The collective situation we find ourselves in will bring out our best and worst qualities. Maybe you are able to find some gold in here, and perhaps you are finding yourself acting in a way you never thought you would, and it's not serving you. Maybe you want to harness every once of power from this situation, to bring that power forward into your life when all this is past. What I am offering is a guide to help you find your way through this new labryth, with attention and grace. 


I believe this whole thing is a global piece of Shadow Work, and within that, here we are as individuals with our personal shadows as well, we will face our shadows whether we like it or not. I am here to make that an intentional process. We find ourselves contained with our loved ones, and perhaps that's showing us some cracks in our personal systems. We cannot run from ourselves in this place, our coping mechanism become clear. Is fear showing up? It may not be on the surface, but deep down, our inner child needs holding through this. Perhaps, like me, you are noticing some layers being peeled back as what is no longer necesary in your life is dropping away and without proper care we can end up in an identity crisis. Who am I without all this stuff that I thought was so necessary? What's left? I am feeling a great sense of cleansing happening and am grateful for my learning around the shadow to be able to hold myself in that. And that is what I am here to share with you. 

What this will look like:

A minimum of 3 one-to-one Zoom calls lasting around and hour and a half each.

The first call - to happen straight away

Looking at where you are at in your life right now, what is it you are noticing already, asking what would you like to have happen for you during this time and during our work together. 

Some learning points around the Shadow and the Archetypes

Some tools to help you to track your shadow in the coming weeks

The second call - around 3 weeks later or at a point you choose.

A check in around what you are finding

If appropriate, I will lead you through an adapted Shadow Work process

Exploring what might be the gold in your experience. 

(you can book further calls as you wish in the interim)

The final call - to happen after lockdown ends

An anchoring process, how do you want your life to look going ahead? What are you keeping from your experiences in lockdown

Some tools for moving forward in a new way

Practicing a new way of being, and unearth your own way of holding yourself as you emerge back out into the world. 

Why might this be for you?

You have the capacity and resources to use this time to look at your shadow

You believe what is happening holds some gifts and you want to find out what they are

You want to learn more about Shadow Work 

You're struggling to be alone with yourself and would like constructive guidance to explore this dynamic

You want to use this time as a great shedding and be guided to find a new way of being

You would like guidance to help you anchor this learning and to really step up to life in a new way. 


This process costs between £150 and £180. Additional calls at £50 per call. For more transparency around my fees, click here . 

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