invites women for a deep dive into our personal and professional biographies, investigating the stories we tell ourselves, the tales we tell others and the cultural narratives we weave in-between . . .
Please note: This journey has now reached completion and I am in a place of reflection before offering out the next instalment

Workshops can be taken as a complete course OR as stand-alone days.


Exploring the territory between our personal challenges and how they play out in the many spheres of our lives, we will navigate the tantalizing terrain of light and dark, joy and sorrow, courage and fear.


Gathering between March and July 2019 in Bristol, we offer women of all ages an opportunity for a deep dive, cutting through ‘I’m fine’ into the heart of connection and authenticity.


Aoife and Rosalind will be jointly facilitating this revolutionary program. Sharing a mutual passion for authentic communication and healthy boundaries to stay connected. We are two women at different life stages, aged 32 and 61, bridging the generations we are excited to offer this series at an extraordinary price, with full price, early bird, subsidised tickets available for direct purchase, and bursary places through email application totheheartofbravery(at)


These day long immersions invite you to step up and into your life with full commitment. Whatever life stage you are in, whether an activist wishing to make more impact, a mother swimming upstream against a tide of popular opinion on her role, or a woman at boardroom level feeling frustrated and outnumbered. Join these intergenerational facilitators using a range of tools and techniques to delve into seasonal cycles, voice, body and shadow work, and ultimately, #journeytotheheartofbravery


The immersions take place at Boiling Wells in St Werburghs, Bristol, providing us with the opportunity to cook and share food together, enjoy cosy inside spaces and natural outdoor environments, sharing stories by firelight, Boiling Wells provides a magical setting.



CHANGING STORIES – TRANSFORMING LIVES ~ Saturday 30th March 2019 ~ 9.30am - 9.00pm 

We will begin the first of our weekends by exploring the identities we create, from the day to day minutiae to the grander themes that can sometimes take on mythic proportions.  We will take a closer look at the stories we tell ourselves and how we can re-frame the tales we tell others, to be more aligned with our authentic selves.


SEASONAL CYCLES – INFANT, MAIDEN, MOTHER, CRONE ~Saturday 18th May 2019 ~ 9.30am to 9.00pm

Placed in the abundant month of May, with the added joy of a full moon, during this second weekend in our series we will dive into the many cycles of our lives. Whether you are a woman in the first blush of womanhood, a mature woman heading into wise eldership, or somewhere in-between, cycles are an integral part of lives. Understanding the pull of these cycles, we will work with harnessing their power.


STEPPING INTO COURAGE ~ SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER ~ Saturday 6th July 2019 9.30am to 9.00pm

On this third immersion we will find and strengthen our authentic voice. Through practicing clean language skills and noticing the inner critique, we will work towards presenting new stories about our lives. We invite you to join us in this ultimate step in the #journeytotheheartofbravery

Here's what participants thought of our first immersion:

"It wasn’t just the unexpectedly glorious weather or the fabulous wild gem of a site that made this day so beautiful. It was the ethos, principles and experience of Rosalind and Aoife, who created a safe, creative, thoughtful and fun space to be in. They brought together a group of women of all ages, with different stories and experiences, and helped us all to feel valued, respected and wise. We were challenged in different ways, played and laughed, and joined in our own created rituals. It felt ancient and modern, a timeless gathering of women, the sort of gathering of women that has been happening for thousands of years. By the end of the day several of us were getting ready to move in and live on the land together in this brave community for ever!" - Beccy

“This work is beautifully strung together in a way that enabled me to access deeper parts of me in a safe way than I anticipated. The venue, the tasks, the wisdom and encouragement of a circle of women, the holding of the space by two talented facilitators have enabled big shifts in my self-perception to take place. These mean that I am indeed stepping into my bravery in the outside world. The confidence enhancing effects of the work will roll out way past the 12 hours spent on site.“ - Rebecca 


JOURNEY TO THE HEART OF BRAVERY could be the difference you are seeking


WE WILL EXPERIENCE ~ telling our stories and identifying the wisdom within

WE WILL GAIN ~ insights into patterns of behaviour that no longer serve us

WE WILL DISCOVER ~ pathways to healthy relationships, whether romantic, social, professional or parental

WE WILL DELVE INTO ~ the power of our shadow

WE WILL EXPERIMENT ~ with new ways of being in a shame free environment

WE WILL EXAMINE ~ the links between our joy and sorrow

WE WILL PRACTICE ~ working with and pushing our own boundaries

WE WILL LEARN ~ how to tell our story through the medium of a 'pecha kucha' presentation

WE WILL EXPLORE ~ the edges of our comfort zone in a well held group setting , harnessing the courage that            awaits us there . . .

WE WILL TAKE AWAY ~ a tool kit of techniques to work with across your personal and professional life

WE WILL LEAVE WITH ~ a sense of community built on honesty and authenticity



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