I work on a sliding scale system for my 1:1 Shadow Work Coaching, which is based on an industry standard across coaches who have trained under Shadow Work Seminars®. For more information on the extensive training I have undertaken, visit www.ShadowWork.com 

The investment for this deep transformational work is between £50 - £100 per hour. Sessions last between 3 and 4 hours. There is a minimum charge for a session at £150. 

So, if you earn under £13,000 per year please avail of the lowest fee. If you earn somewhere above that then please place yourself somewhere in the middle. If you earn over £35,000 I invite you to consider an appropriately higher fee, taking into consideration your dependents etc. I will never ask you to explain your choice, I invite you to check in with yourself and let me know. 

Even at this stage the Shadow Work can be beginning to swirl. I invite you to sit with the question of how you invest in yourself? What are your priorities? I am reminded of the quote below:

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