Aoife Twomey

Facilitator & Coach

A Shadow Work® Coach offering one-to-one coaching sessions and guided workshops exploring the darker sides of ourselves through the framework of Carl Jung's archetypes. 

I found Shadow Work while in the depths of a dark time in my life. Some important relationships had ended and I suddenly realised that I was the common denominator in my life. All my attention turned inward and I was lucky to find Shadow Work facilitators who guided me with strength and wisdom through this time in my life. 

Now, fascinated with human behaviour, I have studied Shadow Work facilitation alongside personal studies into why we do the things we do. I offer one to one coaching as well as workshops for groups exploring our behaviours in day to day life. 


“I had no idea what Shadow Work was at the time. I went to the Meet the Archetypes workshop with Aoife, I found this very interesting and wanted to learn more, I then arranged to do some 1:1 Shadow Work Coaching with her.


I am very grateful for the session, as I now understand myself much better. This has been far more influential to my healing journey than any other form of counselling that I have ever had.”

- Shadow Work Coaching client

"What a rich, soul nourishing day! I felt seen, heard, accepted and celebrated among a powerful circle of 10 women. An honour to be part of it and grateful for all the 'tools' I am taking with me."

- Participant of Journey to the Heart of Bravery

"Thank you for holding such a heartfelt space"

- Meet the Archetypes participant

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