Shadow Work

What is Shadow Work® and how may it help you? 

As children we learn quickly what is acceptable or unacceptable within our family, we act without restraint until suddenly we are told something that we do, or how we are, is wrong. We place this part of ourselves deep in our shadow. Sometimes our most beautiful, golden aspects can end up being disowned. Shadow Work offers processes that allow us to safely and consciously explore these aspects and bring them back into the light. So often, they hold the power to shift old, destructive patterns and are the key to leading the full life we long for. 

Aoife Twomey

Facilitator & Coach

About me

A Shadow Work® Coach offering one-to-one coaching sessions and guided workshops exploring the darker sides of ourselves through the framework of Carl Jung's archetypes. 

I found Shadow Work while in the depths of a dark time in my life. Some important relationships had ended and I suddenly realised that I was the common denominator in my life. All my attention turned inward and I was lucky to find Shadow Work facilitators who guided me with strength and wisdom through this time in my life. 

Now, fascinated with human behaviour, I have studied Shadow Work facilitation alongside personal studies into why we do the things we do. I offer one to one coaching as well as workshops for groups exploring our behaviours in day to day life. 

Ready to take a step on your Shadow Journey? 

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